Granite Lending - Rip me off 500 Dallors

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Told me that I was approved for a loan but need to pay 500 dollars first. I did pay for that on 2/24/2012 and then They said I need to pay more. Like 450 dollars more I told them I don't have that much more.. Mr Johnson said that I was approved before I give him the 500 he said yes and after I gave them the money he said that it will be fund for the 5000 dollar loan on Monday around 4pm at 2:36pm I got a email saying need to pay more on it of a total of 950.00 and then the funds will be funded the next day. But I don't have no more money.

I call every day and the first two day They said that the money will be sent to my bank on wensday never got the refund. They will not pick up the phone and I have emailed them and They will not write back.. I take to bobby Lewis on tueday and he said that he was very sorry for All of this and I was approved but the insur backed out and said that I have something on my credit report and that's why They are asking for more and he said that They were very wrong for what They did but he would make sure I have my money back in one day.. I was so upset because that's All the money I had and bag them not to steal my money he said were not hear to do that and that the money will be in my bank in 1 day. I have All the emails and phone report to prove this.. All I want is my money back and I will go away.. Now They will not pick up the phone at All so now I don't know what is going on with my money I will go as fare has I have to on this case.

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